Caring For Leather Furniture

leather furniture

It goes without saying that leather furniture can be both beautiful and also age very gracefully. However, there are a number of people who are worried when it comes to bringing leather furnishings into their home. While the common misconception is that leather is too hard to care for and easily ruined, there are a number of tips and tricks that you can keep in mind that will help you to keep your leather furniture looking great for many years. The fact of the matter is that you can actually take care of leather items just as easily as you can with different upholstered pieces of furniture in your home.

Tips for Leather Furniture Cleaning

1. Take the time to vacuum out any of the dust and debris that can build up in the crevices of the furniture. Just as you would with upholstered furniture, vacuuming in the perfect way to get out any of the junk that has built up under cushions simply by using the hose attachment. There are also no special precautions that are necessary when it comes to vacuuming your leather furniture.

2. Wipe down your leather furniture as regularly as possible with a cloth that is clean and dry. This is a basic routine that you can follow and it will help you to keep the dust and dirt to a minimum, allowing the beauty of the leather to shine through.

3. Try to apply a leather conditioner as regularly as possible. Conditioning the leather will help you to keep the material from drying out and even developing cracks as it ages. These creamy conditioners are just right for keeping the leather nice and supple and you can find them in just about any furniture store. You may also find it at local auto parts stores and even online through various retailers. In general, it is best to condition your furniture made with leather once or twice per year.

4. Whenever there is a spill, make sure that you clean it up as quickly as possible using a dry cloth. It is best that you only resort to using a moistened cloth when it is absolutely necessary and always make sure that if you do, you are using as little water as possible. Then completely dry the area after cleaning it.

5. Never clean your leather furniture using soap and water as this can cause damage to the leather, much more than the actual stain that you are trying to remove.

6. Stay away from any cleaning products that are not specifically designed for use on leather. Various products such as bleach, furniture polish, solvents, detergents and certain sprays can all be very harmful to your leather furnishings. Try to rely on dry sponges and cloths whenever possible.

7. If you start to notice that there are small scratches developing in the leather, you can work on them by buffing using a microfiber cloth. These small scratches can sometimes be coaxed into healing themselves as long as you care for them properly.

8. Never allow your leather furniture to sit in direct sunlight as this can damage the leather and lead to premature cracking and drying. Not only that, but you could also notice that the color will start to fade on the portion of the leather that is sitting in the sun. Proper positioning will help you to keep your leather looking great and lasting a long time.

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