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No matter if you’re living at home or on your own, hitch cover having some comfort furniture in your living room is important. You’re going to be spending a lot of time in this room so it’s vital to consider what you’re looking for in living room furniture. You’ll want your furniture to be not only comfortable, but also appealing and you’ll want it to hold up against all of the things that life has to throw at you. Here are some tips on selecting hitch cover the right living room furniture for your specific needs.

Method 1: Make A Plan

Measure your living room and have a good idea in your mind about your room size and what you’re looking for. Don’t forget to measure any recessed areas such as alcoves and the like.

Design A Floor Plan
Using grid paper or a computer you can sketch out the shape of your living room. You can of course use any paper but grid paper does make it easier. Now you can determine if you’ll need more or less space for any specific elements in your living room. Remember to keep at least a yard or a meter of available space in between the various furniture pieces in your room. If you don’t allow some space it can make you feel claustrophobic and affect the ability of people to walk through the living area.

Measure Doorways
A lot of people don’t think about this and they find that they can’t get their new furniture through the doorways. Always measure and plan on measuring furniture before you buy. This way you can fit it all through the doorway.

Do A Layout Plan
Using your grid, decide where each piece of furniture will go. This way you can get a good visual on how your floor plan is going to look and work for your needs. You could even use newsprint and painters tape to layout a similar design in the room if you wish.

Consider The Rooms Use
How are you going to be using the room? Will it be the family hangout? Will it be used to keep children occupied at any point in time? Or, will it be mainly for entertaining? This can help you to determine what sorts of fabrics will work well for your needs and whether or not furniture must be durable and sturdy.

Natural Architecture
Take into account the room’s natural architecture. Will it have design elements that you want to set apart? Will it have a focal point? Does it have a fireplace or a cabin decor? Consider whether or not you’ll need modern or rustic looking furniture for your room.

Method 2: Selecting Your Furniture

Start With Basics
Living room furniture generally has a sofa, an armchair and perhaps a side table or two. They may also have a coffee table and a love seat or ottoman. Other furniture may also be added as desired.

Remember, your living room is an investment. Buy solid pieces that will last a long time. You want to invest in the future, not focus on things that won’t last. You’ll want things that are of good quality so that they will last.

Stain Resistant
If you’re going to have children or guests in the living room you’ll want stain resistant fabric. Spills can happen to anyone and you want your furniture to survive if they happen to you. Be sure that you focus on quality and buy the best possible stain resistant fabrics that you can afford.

Wrapped Foam
Cushions that are made of wrapped foam are not only comfortable, they are also durable. Down cushions will break down easily and they wear out much more quickly.

Frame Strength
Lift up one end of the furniture about six inches off of the ground. If the adjacent leg doesn’t also rise, the frame may be too flexible. It could wear out very quickly or become damaged easily.

Be sure to coordinate your living room furniture. Each piece should complement all of the others. If you don’t do this your room will look like it’s been haphazardly put together. Stick with a theme of modern, traditional or rustic and keep the pieces focused on your theme.

There are many ways to divide design themes. Typical themes are modern, traditional, casual, rustic and contemporary. There are also some sub divided themes as well.

– Modern as well as contemporary themes have sleek lines and will be clean and use a lot of white, beige or neutral color schemes. Glass, shiny black lacquer and metal are often seen in this theme.

– Traditional furniture by contrast is much more elegant. It may appear more formal and have rolled arms and skirts on the bottoms of chairs and sofas. Ivory, deep rich hues of color are often present in traditional furniture.

– Casual will be friendly and inviting. It uses a lot of plaid and smaller sized prints.

Rustic and old world will combine many styles including French and Spanish as well as Italian or antique pieces. Colors will be deep and earthy.

Smaller Rooms
If you have a smaller sized room, choose smaller sized furniture. Instead of a sofa choose a love seat and a smaller sized chair. You’ll want to have it appear larger than it actually is so choose your furniture size accordingly.

Always give your room a filled feeling. Combine seating with tables, ottomans and additional pieces that round it out without overwhelming it.

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