Contemporary Furniture Designs

contemporary furniture

Contemporary Furniture Designs

At the beginning of the 20th century, new manufacturing techniques and material were introduced into the furniture world. This resulted in a new type of furniture called contemporary furniture. Materials such as tubular steel, plastic and plywood were used to design interesting furniture. New geometric shapes, sleeker lines and lighter weight furniture replaced ornate heavy furniture. Contemporary manufacturing techniques are used to create a variety of styles of furniture, including romantic furnishings, bold furniture and everything in between. Unlike the days of yesteryear, today’s furniture is produced for function more than for ornamentation.

History of Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture made its debut right after World War I. As new methods were discovered, manufacturing philosophies began to change. No longer were furnishings heavy and ornate. They were now modern and lightweight compared to their counterparts. Furniture created during this time period is known as Modern Classic. Designs and philosophies from Bauhaus and Werkbund schools were incorporated into furniture during this time period. In the 1970s, injection molding machines were introduced into furniture manufacturing. Plastics, along with natural material were used in this modern furniture.
Another contemporary designed used in furniture building in the early 20th century was Art Deco. This movement combined with Art Nouveau and Neo Classicism to create a bold new type of furniture. This sleek style featured curved lines and bold patterns, such as animal prints. Materials used during manufacturing included smooth glass finishes, molded plastics and glistening stainless steel. The furniture pieces often had rounded domes or depressions, which set it apart from any other style of furniture. Art Deco was one of the most popular styles of furniture in the upper middle and upper class homes across America.

Contemporary Traditional Style Furniture

Traditional furniture is the complete opposite of the two designs discussed above. This type of furniture uses woods rather than metal. However, contemporary traditional style furniture utilizes lighter colored wood rather than dark wood. Unlike traditional furniture that used dark, rich woods, such as cherry or mahogany, contemporary traditional furniture uses lighter colored woods, such as maple and oak. Additionally, the lines on contemporary traditional furniture are sleek and undecorated when compared to traditional furnishings that utilized heavy, decorative lines.
Another modern design is French Chic. This type of design is very ornate and often deemed romantic and feminine. This type of design is inspired by the French Provincial design and the beautiful countrysides of France. French Chic utilizes creamy whites, pale pinks and soft neutral colors to create a sense of calm, relaxation.
Another contemporary style is the minimalist movement. This style of furniture is the complete opposite of French Chic. It focuses on function rather than decoration. The furniture in this style features sleek straight lines.
There are a variety of contemporary furniture designs to choose from. Whether you want trendy furniture in bright, bold colors or functional furniture with sleek lines and neutral colors, you can find what you are looking for. If you prefer curving lines and soft, muted colors, French Chic furnishings will help you create a romantic retreat. As manufacturing processes evolve and new materials are discovered, designers will continue creating contemporary furnishings for this era.

The Best Contemporary Furniture

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