Contemporary Dining table

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Alf Accademia

Dimensions Table 89/103″w x 43″d x 30″h Side Chair 20″w x 22″d x 33″h Buffet 91″w …

Alf Bellagio

Dimentions 63″w/103″w (with one extention) x  41″d x 30″h 63″w  x 37″d x 30″h Made in …

Alf Canova

Dimentions 77″w /98″(with one extention) x 43″d x 30″h 63″w/83″(with one extention) x 43″d x 30″h …

Alf Eva

Dimensions Table   79″/98″w x 43″d x 30″h 3/D Buffet 68″w x 19″d x 33″h Chair 20″w …

Alf Garda

Dimensions Table 78″/100″w x 43″d x 31″h Side chair 21″w x 23″d x 39″h Features Wood …

Alf Heritage

Dimensions Table 63/83″w x 37″d x 31″h/ 77/96″w x 37″d x 31″h Side Chair 20″w x 24″d …

Alf Montecalo

Dimensions Table 77″-98″w x 43″d x 30″h 4/D Buffet 83″w x 22″d x 32″h 1/D Curio …

Alf Pisa

Dimensions Table 81″w x 42″d x 31″h Comes with 2 leaves (Leaf dimensions:18″) Side Chairs,: 21″w …

Alf Vega

Dimentions 63″w/81″w (with one extention) x  35″d x 30″h 63″w  x 35″d x 30″h Made in …

Alf Versilia

Dimensions Table 63″/83″w x 37″d x 30″h Table 77″/99″ x 43″d x 30″h Round Table 63″w …

Calligaris Cartesio


  • Table 78-3/4″w x 41–3/8″d x 29-5/8″h
  • Table 98-1/2″w x 41–3/8″d x 29-5/8″h

Finish / Color / Material

  • Top: Glass-ceramic or Wood veneer finish or slatted oak. The slatted oak top matched to a rust Corten-finished base lends a metropolitan appearance to this table

Made in Italy

Calligaris Cosmic


  • 55″/73″/90 1/2″w x 47″d x 29 1/2″

Finish / Color / Material

  • Glass top Transparent or Smoked Grey
    Wood legs Matt Black or Optic White

Made in Italy

Calligaris Esteso


  • Table 51.75″w/76″(w/one leaf) 101″(w/two leaf)/ x 35″d x 30″h

Finish / Color / Material

  • Top: Glass-ceramic or Wood veneer finish options
  • Base: Metal or Wood veneer finish options

Made in Italy

Calligaris Hyper

Dimensions 63/94 1/4″w x 39″d x 30 3/4″h Features Walnut legs & Glass top Made in …