Coffee Tables & End Tables

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Alf Vega

Dimensions 43.75″w x 24″d x 16″h     Made in Italy

Alf Bellagio

Dimensions Rec. Coffee Table 47″w x 18″d x 14″h Sq.Coffee Table    39″w x 39″d x …

Alf Canova

Dimensions Rec. Coffee Table 47″w x 24″d x 16″h Sq.Coffee Table    35″w x 35″d x …

Bdi Dino


Bdi Orlo

Dimensions Coffee Table 45″w x 27″d x 16″h End  Table 28″w x 22.5″d x 24″h Features …

Bdi Terrace

Dimensions Rectangular Coffee Table 44″w x 34″d x 17″h Square Coffee Table 44″w x 44″d x …

Calligaris Real

Dimensions 47-1/4″w x 25″-5/8″d x 13″h Features Glass Transparent Made in Italy

Elite Atlas

Dimensions 55″w x 12″d x 30″h Features Tempered glass, wood and nickel-plated steel

Elite Corona

Dimensions Coffee table  33″ø x 18.25″h /  42″ø x 17.5″h End table  26″ø x 22.25″h Features Corona …

Elite Crystal

Dimensions Coffee table 44.5w x 44.5″d x 17″h End table 28″w x 28″d x 22″h Features …

Elite Fusion

Dimensions Coffee Table 52″w x34″d x17″h End Table 28″w x 20″d x 20.5″h Features A bold …

Elite Maui

Dimensions Coffee table 52″w x 36″d x 17″h End table 21″w x 27″d x 20.75″h Features …

Elite Reef



Elite Tangent



Elite Tetris

Dimensions 27.25″w x 21.75″d x 15.25″h Features Filament patterned glass Hidden Casters

Elite Triplex

Dimensions Coffee table  44″w x 44.5″d x 15.5″h End table  26″w x 26″d x 20.5″h Features Geometrically …