Simple Solutions For Spring Decorating



Keep Nature In Mind

Collect bits and pieces of nature and display them in vases and jars throughout your home. For example, you can collect stones and shells for a subtle look. Spring flowers and branches are a great option, too. To add to the natural look, use wicker baskets or containers featuring light colors.

Change Up Your Furniture

Replace your dark, dull furniture for items that give off a springtime vibe. For example, light colored wicker chairs are a good option. You can use wicker furniture and similar spring inspired furniture in your bedrooms, living areas, bathrooms and more. For a simple yet noticeable change, swap out dark colored towels with white or brightly colored ones.

Open Up Every Room

Thick, heavy drapes are designed to keep out cold during the winter. These can make a room look small, dull and stuffy. Take these down and hang up light cotton drapes instead. This will fill your room with natural lighting. In addition to this, the curtains gently moving in the wind give off a true spring vibe.

Touch Up Your Bedroom

Put your heavy flannel blankets and sheets in storage, and replace them with silky, soft and light cotton sheets. You can replace thick comforters, pillow cases and duvets with light silk or cotton alternatives. For a true spring look, pick out fabrics that are sheer and floral printed.

Simple Yet Significant Changes

Turn your furniture away from centerpieces like the fireplace. Face them towards windows and other natural views. Hide your heavy upholstery with simple, light slipcovers. Add bright pillows for an additional touch. You can cover your dark wooden tables with light, airy tablecloths and skirts. Take down your winter decorations and accessories. Opt for weaved baskets, white decor, bright flowers and more.

Revamp Your Table

Be an entertaining hostess and feature tabletop styles that give off that spring vibe. Plant simple spring flowers like daises in a centerpiece-style bowl or pot. When you serve salad and other fresh green, use floral-printed dishware and woven placemats. Little knick knacks like glass birds and eggs are a charming way to make sure everyone feels the spring theme in your home.

Look Beneath Your Feet

Do you have tile or hardwood floors? Expose them! Use light, summery rugs instead of thick, heavy wool options. You can also opt for brightly colored area rugs.

Simple Accents

Swap out brass decor with simple floral or leaf printed tin alternatives. Feature pressed leaves in understated white frames, add a garden statue, and put fresh flowers on tables. Consider revamping your kitchen chairs in an easy way. Cover chair cushions with a light colored or floral print fabric. This simply requires fabric and a staple gun.

Additional Spring Decorating Solutions


Touch Up Family Photos

Put your favorite photographs in inexpensive, brightly colored picture frames for the ultimate spring look.

Use Substitutes

Store away that wool blanket on your couch and replace it with a brightly colored cotton quilt. Get rid of dark colored candlesticks and opt for transparent glass vases that show off stones and plants instead. Opt for a lightly colored paper lampshade instead of a thick, traditional version.

Decorate Your Fireplace

Clean out your fireplace so you can add a natural arrangement. Use items like driftwood, rocks and seashells for a true spring look. To open up space, add an old mirror behind the arrangement.

Spruce Up Your Front Door

Instead of a holiday wreath, try light colored baskets with vines and spring flowers. Use planted flowers that will grow and bloom all throughout spring.

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