Styles Of Furniture: Classic Furniture, Traditional Furniture, Contemporary Furniture, And Modern Furniture

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What kind of style do you like best in your personal life? Which styles of furniture are your favorites? You can just head out and pick out pieces that you like when you shop in a furniture store or online. However, if you want a look in your home that is pulled together either by blending a couple of styles in a few different areas of the house or by sticking to just one style, then furniture shopping will be easier if you understand a bit about the different styles of furniture. Classic, traditional, contemporary, and modern are the four main styles of furniture.

The Modern Furniture

Furniture that was designed after World War 2 in either Europe or the US is typically classed as modern furniture, although not all of the furniture designed during this period is that style. Think of clean, geometric lines that are very sleek when you think of modern decor. Sofas that are overstuffed and comfy don’t quite fit the definition of modern. A solid cover on a slim metal futon is modern. In modern furniture lines, you won’t find a lot of patterns or curves. Modern designs are dominated by solid colors. They are functional, uncluttered, and sleek. The category of modern furniture has the following subsets:

* Art Deco
* Retro including designs from the 1950s and 1960s
* Lacquers
* Southwest

The Contemporary Furniture

The modern style that is currently in fashion today is the contemporary line of furniture. As styles change, the definition of what is contemporary changes. What was contemporary in the 1980’s or even in 2000’s, is not what is currently contemporary. Neither art decor nor retro would be considered to be contemporary even though both fit under the broad umbrella of modern.

A broad range of furniture styles are contemporary and they are flexible enough to fit well into any style within a home. Current trends in furniture include European contemporary furniture, American contemporary furniture, and Japanese contemporary furniture.

Contemporary decor, like all modern furniture is made using geometric lines that are sleek and straight. Simplicity lies at the core of this style. In contemporary furniture, you will find colors that are either very dark or very light plus smooth woods, metal, and lots of glass. These characteristics make the furniture easy to care for and clean and it fits well in modern spaces such as small homes, loft apartments, and studies that have limited space.

Soft pastels, neutral colors such as tan, blacks, and whites dominate while artwork and pillows with bold and bright colors are used as accessories. In addition, natural fabrics such as leather and linen are often used in this style.

The Traditional Furniture

Most people think of home when they see traditional furniture. Patterns such as plaids and florals are used while the woods such as mahogany and cherry will be rich and warm. A traditionally decorated room can be tied together when the right set of drapes is selected to coordinate with the sofa.

Brass and bronze are the most common metals used in a traditional room. In addition, it’s okay to be frilly in traditional furniture design.

However, it is important to not overdo if the space is small, or this type of furniture will made a room feel stuffy. However, pillows that you can sink into and large sofas with big cushions on their arms are perfect in large rooms.

The majority of traditional furniture is casual, although some can be quite ornate. When used correctly, you can feel right at home in a room decorated with this style.

Furniture In The Classic Style

There are many different subgroups of classic furniture, just as there are with modern furniture. Some of these subgroups are:

* Georgian

* Louis XV
* Tudor
* French Provincial
* Victorian

Many of these styles share the same characteristics but they do differ slightly.

Classic furniture tends to be welcoming but is more often ornate when compared to traditional furniture. The primary difference is that classic furniture often looks like it belongs in a museum and has a richer overall feel when compared to traditional furniture.

Classic room design often includes velvety fabrics, rich silks, and ornate carvings. Ornate decorations are often included on dark wood. In Classic interior design, much of the furniture that is selected will either is an antique or a replica of an antique.

The Best Contemporary Furniture

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