The Diven concept is the culmination of almost 10 years of dedication to innovation, quality, and the complete comfort of everyone who sits down to relax and dream. Diven offers you an outstanding line of sofas that are at once elegant, functional, and, most importantly, supremely enjoyable. With freshness and quality always paramount, Diven marshals its select network of talented designers, suppliers, buyers, and craftspersons to produce striking and captivating sofa designs just right for any room size and décor. By its sheer function and elegance, a Diven sofa will give the consummate touch to your furniture complement, be it for a salon, informal space, or professional suite. Our sofas feature your choice of a wide range of distinctive Italian leather and fabric wedded to enduring plush materials and strong, abuse-tolerant structures. All these elements are quality-controlled at every stage of production to meet the highest standards. You decide the size, look, leather or fabric type, and color. Our efficient and enthusiastic Diven team then goes right to work, resulting in timely and reliable delivery, timeless style, and excellent value for your investment. All that remains is for you to enjoy the softness, durability, and serene delight that will be there for you, your family, and your visitors for a very long time.

The talent behind Diven

Anna Diluca and Francesco Venturo, Diven’s founders, honed their styling, material selection, marketing, and distribution skills in their native Italy and later served with distinction at leading furniture companies globally. They are now ready to present to the North American public their stunningly conceived, Italian-inspired home furnishings that reflect the finest in advanced and sophisticated family craftsmanship.

Diven—from Italy to the world and you

Diven’s amazing spectrum of fabric and leather choices will make your sofa’s style as unique as yours.

When you choose leather covering for your Diven sofa, armchair, or chaise longue, you can be assured that it is of the best quality obtainable anywhere. Diven offers only select cowhide, treated and tanned in the best conceria in Italy and certified for its end use. All hides have different thickness, and their finishes complement the furniture type, ranging from vintage classic to contemporary. Some sofas and chairs make best use of retouched printed top-grain leathers processed with waxes and paraffins. Other models receive full-grain nubuck treated with natural oils and waxes. All coverings are available in colors from Diven’s standard palette or custom colors that you may select to suit your special taste. Diven wishes to convey some standard advice to its cherished leather customers: “Brushed fabrics or leathers have natural hallmarks. Lines, rubs, and creases are part of the intrinsic character of the leather and not considered defects. These features are natural to the material and add to its casual elegance. Leather is a natural product, and inconsistencies of color should be expected in all dyed leather hides. Scars, stains, abrasions, and shading of color are normal in all leather. Never use abrasive cleaners, saddle soaps or chemicals on the surface of your leather.”

Elegance, practicality, and prestige—the quintessences of Diven quality.

Elegant, supple, breathable, and utterly practical. That’s Diven fabric, a synergy of quality natural materials and high-performance technical fibers that balance elegance with utility. Our palette of colors and textures will assure perfect harmony with your chosen décor. And the rigorous tests to which we subject all our fabrics assure you of utmost quality and durability over time. No matter what your style, room type, or usage requirements, a Diven lining will meet your every need, allowing you to relax and enjoy your living space with unworried pride.