A brand completely thought and realized in Italy

It is positioned in the market’s higher-end, with an offer of products characterized by a high quality standard and a wide range.
The design is essential and contemporary, in line with the most current trends. Comfort and quality are the two main characteristics of this collection.

A series of furniture designed with the fluid and dynamic nature of contemporary spaces in mind where the need for versatility is increasingly evident if differentiated lifestyles are to be met.

The new total look collection is forward-looking, an artistic and cultural heritage, otherwise lost, still to be enhanced. A long run with numerous challenges and a feeling that it’s never enough because “know how” is no longer enough.

A duty of choice, a legacy to be shared and a desire to rediscover in the history of Incanto traces of a magnificent obsession: quality and Italian style.

An example of successful “Made in Italy”

Born in 2000, Incanto quickly becomes one of the most dynamic and successful Italian companies in design, production and distribution of upholstered sofas and furniture thanks to a strong internationalization of its own brands.

Since the beginning the mission of Incanto Company has been to produce items aiming to the satisfaction of the customers in terms of Quality, Design, Innovation and attention for the details. So through the years Incanto Company has been spreading emotions, ideas, passion.

Incanto production area is based in Matera with its 15.000 square m, 1000 seats produced per day, 200 employees and sells all over the America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The production process starts from a “concept” to be turned into a sketch, the conception of a new product is a very high creative phase and represents the beginning of the production process.
Ideas of R&D dept. take shape, a lot of drawings follow one other till the outcome is satisfying.

Composition among the materials and the covers are studied and mixed in order to give to the products the desired look and feel.

In order to achieve what said above a highly qualified professionals and managers animated by the same values and passion work together and deeply till the desired output is obtained: products that satisfy all the customers’ needs.

The customers at Incanto Company find what they were searching for!