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Exterior fabric and quilting

Since this is the part of the mattress that will be closest to your body/ it imperative that it feels soft and comfortable. The fabric on the exterior of every Sealy mattress is carefully chosen for both feel and resilience. These two qualities are the reason your mattress will stay comfortable for years to come.


Simmons BeautySleep®

The strength of a Simmons BeautySleep® mattress comes from the inside—a high-performance coil system featuring heavy gauge coils that deliver years of performance. Luxurious fabrics are paired with soft, yet durable foams to create ideal comfort.


TEMPUR material conforms precisely to your body shape by sensing your body temperature and weight. It becomes softer in warmer areas/ where your body is exerting the moose pressure and remains firmer in coolers area.

AS TEMPUR material gently conforms to your body’s shape/you’re supported in the correct anatomical position with your neck and spine in alignment.

TEMPUR material absorbs and redistributes your body weight to relieve the painful pressure points that cause tossing and turning on traditional mattresses.

TEMPUR material absorbs energy to help ensure that partners are not disturbed by the other’s movement. Each sleeper is supported independently anywhere on the entire surface of the mattress.