Stone International Elba




  • 43″ø/47″ø/51″ø/55″ø/59″ø x 30″h
  • 67″w x 35″d x 29″h
  • 71″w x 42″d x 29″h / 79″w x 42″d x 29″h / 87″w x 42″d x 29″h
  • Thin Beveled edge 3/4″


  • Longing absence that has now come home. Dueling stainless steel columns surround this tempered glass base and support the marble inlay. Contemporary styling that captures the moment perfectly.
  • Dining table with metal base in polished steel (PS) or polished blond (PB) and tempered black glass bottom insert. Top in any available natural stone finish with thin knife edge.

Made in Italy