Johnstone Casuals

40 Years of Johnston Casuals Furniture

American handcrafted contemporary furniture for over 40 years.

Joe Johnston, President and Owner of Johnston Casuals, was what you might say “born into” the furniture business. He is a third-generation furniture manufacturer. His grandfather started making coffins at the turn of the century, and began creating bedroom furniture in the twenties. That business would then evolve into American Drew furniture.

Joe worked at American Drew during his high school and college days. In 1980 he started a metal factory, and began to run it. They changed the name to Johnston Casuals.

Designers have clients and customers who have special needs and desires. By owning a Johnston Casual furniture piece or pieces, you’re going to own a truly unique item. Johnston Casuals furniture pieces are functional pieces of furniture, but they are also pieces of art.

Joe said that “I like to think our welders are artists. This is not like putting a steel bridge together. There are no 90 degree angles, there are different postures, back posts are bent five to six different ways.”

Johnston Casuals takes steel tubes, bars, and sheet stock, then cut, fabricate, weld, assemble, powder coat finish, put a seat or a piece of glass on them, and wrap them up. The individual, finished product is then packaged and shipped all over the United States and around the world.

At Johnston Casuals, we don’t have a finished goods inventory of items. Everything you see running through our factory floor are pieces that will be manufactured and shipped to a customer once they’re finished.

We’re proud of the fact that we truly make all of our furniture from scratch, and are honored to be one of the last manufacturers of handmade furniture in America.