Natuzzi Editions

For a home that’s tailored to your desires and always connected to a changing world.

As humans, our souls are nourished by shared experiences and stories.

Each one of us is different, and yet we are all the same.
No matter who you are, how you live and what you love.

In Natuzzi Editions
home you will always
be made to feel at ease.

Natuzzi Editions is a multicultural, cosmopolitan and dynamic brand. The products reflect the human being in all its “editions”, and continually feeds on the world, its ferments and its emotions. Only in this way, they can find place in all the homes, in different ways.

A Natuzzi Editions sofa is designed to bring comfort intolife. The quality is in the skilled hands of our craftsmen. Unique experience and extraordinary know-how sown and harvested over 60 years of history. In this way, Natuzzi Editions gives life to quality products that meet the desires of beauty and comfort through passion and innovation.

We are lucky enough to be in constant contact with different cultures, traditions and ways of living around the world. They color our baggage and enrich it, helping us to shaping the desires for beauty, comfort and hospitality that characterize each of us in unique ways. Natuzzi Editions global presence is a very big richness.